Our mission at Avina Financial Group is to provide confidence, security and peace of mind in all of your financial and business goals. We want only the best when it comes to your financial future and offer all of the tools necessary to get you there.

An annuity is a fixed investment that is paid annually to the investor. Annuities were designed to be a reliable source of cash flow during retirement, but they can also be used to manage or control a sudden influx of capital.

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Strong financial plans include the assessment of both short- and long-term objectives. Having a clear financial plan allows you to feel more confident in your future, maintain a steady standard of living and give you peace of mind for any unexpected circumstances.

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Financial Planning - The Avina Financial Blueprint

Life is full of surprises. This is why there are a bevy of insurance products to help protect your assets and finances when an unexpected or unwanted event occurs. Not everyone will need every product; it all depends on your lifestyle and your future goals.

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To Invest is to purchase some type of asset that you believe will generate future income or appreciate over time. This can be a tangible product or a monetary asset that remains unused or held indefinitely for the eventual use or profitable sale.

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Also known as an Individual Retirement Account, an IRA is the most basic retirement plan. There is no need for record keeping, reduced fiduciary liabilities for investments and less government reporting, and can be for individuals or companies.

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IRA-Based Plans

Nonqualified deferred compensation (NQDC) plans circumvent the limitations imposed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) for a small percentage of the employee population who earn substantially more than their employees.

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Nonqualified Retirement

Under a qualified retirement plan, employers are able to receive a tax break for the contributions made to their employees. Employee income tax liabilities are also reduced when they are able to defer a portion of their salaries into the plan.

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Qualified Retirement

Planning for taxes every year is an important part of a strong financial plan. By creating a responsible plan for your taxes and making the proper adjustments based on age, investments and liabilities, you will be able to lower your tax burden.

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Tax Planning

You don’t have to be rich or have a large estate to begin planning for the future of your heirs. Wills and trusts are just the beginning in guaranteeing that your assets are disbursed according to your wishes and that your relatives are taken of upon your death.

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Trusts and Estate Planning

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